The re-creation, re-configuration and expansion of spaces within existing homes is the core business for RD Architecture.  Finding creative, cost- effective solutions within restrictive urban sites is exciting and full of opportunities.

new homes

The creation of a new home is about combining the contextual influences of a site and the personality and character of its occupants.  It is a marriage between people and place, life and environment.


A successful multi-residential project is one that satisfies its developer’s feasibility, its occupants comfort, and its community’s expectations.  Efficient planning, integral environmental strategies and creative façade development can add value to a development without compromising its economic feasibility.


Richard Denby has the experience and capacity to design and deliver all forms of commercial and community building projects.  A deep understanding of the projects programmatic needs, climate and the local community’s urban and social condition, are the key factors in the feasibility of any community development.


Richard Denby has extensive master planning and urban design experience that he can draw upon for larger scale community projects.  The design of public spaces is an opportunity to use good design to connect people with the natural world and local infrastructure and community character.


Richard Danby’s extensive and ongoing research into sustainable design ensures that all projects produced by RD Architecture are environmentally responsible, progressive and efficient.  Intelligent, well considered passive design enhances the quality and comfort of occupiable space, reduces the buildings operating cost, and increases the buildings value.