Richard Denby Architecture was established in 2010 with the primary focus of creating and re-creating sustainable, cost-effective homes.  The office design approach prioritises on the detailed analysis of site and context to ensure that the building fabric and internal spaces respond appropriately to climate, and the rigorous examination and testing of the functional needs of the buildings occupants.

Director:  Richard Denby
phone: 0434 996 755

Prior to establishing Richard Denby Architecture in 2010, Richard had gained extensive work experience in Melbourne with DesignInc and Cox Architects, and abroad with Arkitek Sumaz in Malaysia and StudioE in London.  

Beyond the creation of form and space, Richards love of architecture stems from a desire to respond appropriately and progressively to any given circumstance, and to integrate the built form into the natural landscape, or existing urban fabric through relevant gesture, well considered composition and environmental responsiveness.